Sada (A Coruña)

Hotel Alda Sada Marina

Location of the event

Alda Hotels, Alda Sada Marina
Alda Sada Marina
    15160 Sada (A Coruña (La Coruña))

Free bus Santiago - Sada

First day: On Sunday, 26th of May (tentative time 21:30) from the train station of Santiago de Compostela

Last day: On Wednesday, 29th of May (tentative time 19:30) from the Event to the Santiago de Compostela train station.

A confirmation is needed in the registration.

Round trip

Sunday 26th and Wednesday 29th


You must indicate in the registration if you are going to use this service

Single Schedule

If you do not arrive on time, do not worry, you have multiple transportation options described below

1.- Bus of the organization: The organization of the event will make available to the attendees a bus from Sada to Santiago on Wednesday 29 with departure at 19:30 from the Hotel of the event and arrival at the train station of Santiago de Compostela (the journey takes barely an hour).
2.- Train: First you must take the bus from Sada to Coruña described in the section "From Sada to A Coruña". Once in the train station of A Coruña, you have trains from A Coruña to Santiago with high frequency (but variable), we will update this page as soon as Renfe publishes the fixed schedules for the days of the event.
3.- Autobús: Existen unos 15 autobuses diarios desde la estación de autobuses de Coruña hasta la de Santiago de Compostela. Puedes ver los horarios en el next link4.- Cabify: In A Coruña you have Cabify services.
5.- Rental cars: In A Coruña, you have multiple car rental companies